Portraits from Kenya by Diego Arroyo

Diego Arroyo is a passionate photographer based in Amsterdam who travels the world searching for a story behind the eyes of a stranger that deserves to be seen and usually remains unnoticeable. These portraits from a recent trip he took to Kenya reflect that emotional connection Diego looks for. See more of his work on his Facebook page and website.













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  1. Pat

    Oh what beauty you captured!! I love them all,very good photo’s.

  2. Toni Biskup

    Really beautiful work! It is clear that you have a connection, or are searching for something more meaningful with the people.

  3. Wrick

    I like the depth of the pictures. Each portrait bounds you to think about the story behind. Good Work!!

  4. Emma Lewis

    These portraits are absolutely beautiful – noble, sad, mostly unsmiling, very powerful. Thank you! I can see the humanitarian in you…

  5. Chris Hancock

    These portraits are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It’s amazing the beauty that can be found in places one would never expect it.

  6. Calvin Pitts

    Out of trial, beauty. Out of tribulation, compassion. You have captured both. Thank you.

  7. Meera

    These are absolutely stunning shots. Kenya is truly a country of great beauty – I have lived in Kenya almost all my life and I feel that these photos truly captured the emotion behind the people of Kenya. How were you able to capture such emotion?

  8. TinaMai

    Very emotional pieces that u have here. Absolutely love them, especially the second one one!

  9. Navin Sinha

    These are superb photographs. Thanks a lot for showing them to the world.
    Kindly let us know what lens have you used for these photographs.
    Best regards

  10. glenn

    Stunning images. These magnificent people, combined with spectacular color and masterful lighting. Very nice!!

  11. Charles Cloninger

    These are such beautiful pictures. The subjects have such dignity and the serious look on the faces of the boys struck me deeply. That was counterbalanced by the laughter of the young girl.
    Excellent photography and excellent subjects.

    Chuck Cloninger

  12. Bonnie Moonchild

    Your work with lighting is outstanding and really supports the emotions in your beautiful portraits. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Frances Paola

    Inspiring work that showcases the human spirit in each subject. I just bought my own camera and lens, and I hope someday to be nearly good as you are in capturing the best of human nature. Keep up the fantastic work!

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