Portraits of a Redhead by Violet D’Art

Violet D’Art is a self-taught photographer from Bulgaria who loves expressionism, fine art and conceptual photographs. Her imaginative (self-)portraits depict various scenes and emotions, but they all share a certain moodiness. This dark touch works especially well with her bold red hair, a bright accent among shadows.

To see more of Violet’s photography, visit her website, blog, Flickr account or Etsy shops, Violet D’Art and Born in November.

red haired girl

No Other Way

Connected heads


muddy face

You Could Feel The Sky

conceptual photography

At The End Of The Day


If Only..

Magnifying glass


On A Rainy Day

On A Rainy Day

Olivia's Last Breath

Olivia’s Last Breath



conceptual photography


girl portrait

They Will Never Know

La Collectionneuse

La Collectionneuse

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  1. Lindy

    Terrifically moody stuff.

  2. Lotta

    absolutly wonderful!

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