Portraits of the Soul – Photography by Charles Hildreth

Portrait of photographer Charles HildrethThe portrait work of Charles Hildreth is instantly recognizable – his unique blend of stunning models and strong compositions evoke an emotional response to the depth of each image. His style is signature, yet each work is entirely original – a visual journey for his audience to embark on.

A red-headed woman stares into the unknown - fine art portrait by Charles Hildreth

Charles describes his work below:

“My name is Charles Hildreth and I am a freelance photographer specializing in portraits and weddings.  I currently live in Los Angeles, California, but I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.

My work, to me, is flawed and always will be, as it continues to be a reflection of me, the photographer.  I’m not a photographer’s photographer.  I can’t sit in a room and chat about camera logistics or ratios, nor have I ever had the desire to.  I know what works for the content I produce and gradually grow from a core of photography appreciation.

A red-headed woman stares down to the ground in a sea of autumn colors - fine art portrait by Charles Hildreth

If I could one day fit in among other artists as a storyteller, I think it would be a better fit than photographer, but for now, this is the one medium where I can explore this desire to produce art.  I have never wanted to pigeon-hole myself into one particular craft. In the future I hope to continue submit work to publications, print work for local art shows, and explore a world full of engaging individuals.

A black-haired woman stares down towards the ground in a blanket of snow - fine art photography by Charles Hildreth

I don’t want to be the photographer you see once for a portrait.  I want to tell the story of your life. I want to show the world who you were in the days you lived.”

A tattooed woman looks intensely into the camera - fine art portrait by Charles Hildreth

To see more of Charles’ outstanding portfolio, you can visit his website.

A woman with long, brown hair stares intensely into the lens - fine art portrait by Charles Hildreth

A woman with long blonde curls gazes out a window deep in thought - fine art portrait by Charles Hildreth

A woman is hidden beneath her blonde hair - fine art portrait by Charles Hildreth

A woman with fire red hair wanders through a field of wheat

A tattooed red head looks into the distance, pensive.

A beautiful red-haired woman lies on a carpet of green grass.

A red-haired woman gazes out her car as she exits

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cathy dudzinski

A great discovery, beautiful images, and a top treatment.


Stunning work!

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