Project 365 – First Picture vs. Last Picture

During Project 365, a photographer commits him or herself to take a picture each day for an entire year. The project is a great way to focus on improving your photography skills. It may be hard to keep it up and find something interesting in your daily life, but if you stick with it, it is certainly worthwhile. The eleven projects from flickr below show that each person approaches project 365 in a different way. Some people have a specific focus (colors, clones or self-portraits), while others take pictures of whatever they happen to come across. Many photographers get a lot better when you compare their first and last pictures; a few peak at the start and keep it up to the end (I’m looking at you, JD Hancock!).


Project 365 by Louise Docker


Louise Docker project 365 first

Day 1 by Louise Docker


Louise Docker project 365 last

Its me by Louise Docker

365 Days in Colour by Nomadic Lass

Nomadic Lass project 365 first

1:365 – Shades of Brown by Nomadic Lass


Nomadic Lass project 365 last

365:365 – The End by Nomadic Lass

365 Set by Rachel Carter

Rachel Carter project 365 first

01/365 – Is this thing on? by Rachel Carter


Rachel Carter project 365 last

365/365 TTFN *Explored* by Rachel Carter

365::2010 by Darren Kirby

Darren Kirby project 365 first

365::1 – Great Expectations by Darren Kirby


Darren Kirby project 365 last

365::365 – Endgame by Darren Kirby

Duel 365 by JD Hancock

JD Hancock project 365 first

Stormtrooper vs. Storm Shadow (1/365) by JD Hancock


JD Hancock project 365 last

Shadow Stormtrooper vs. Storm Shadow (365/365) by JD Hancock

Project 365 {deux} by Helga Weber

Helga Weber project 365 first

1/365 – Last Night’s Parties by Helga Weber


Helga Weber project 365 last

365/365 – All Good Things Come To An End by Helga Weber

365 by Brendon Burton

Brendon Burton project 365 first

Achromasia by Brendon Burton


Brendon Burton project 365 last

Ashes by Brendon Burton

Proyecto 365 (2011) by Andrés Nieto Porras

Andrés Nieto Porras project 365 first

1/365: Lluvia by Andrés Nieto Porras


Andrés Nieto Porras project 365 last

365/365: Ha sido un largo camino by Andrés Nieto Porras

Project 365 2010 by Phil Roeder

Phil Roeder project 365 first

1/365 by Phil Roeder


Phil Roeder

365/365 by Phil Roeder

Project Clone 365 by Pascal

Pascal project 365 first

Day 1 by Pascal


Pascal project 365 last

Day 365 by Pascal

✖ Prσjєct 365 by Rafael Acorsi

Rafael Acorsi project 365 first

✖ Fσgσs. O1/365 by Rafael Acorsi


Rafael Acorsi project last

✖ Deixa a maré levar… 365/365 by Rafael Acorsi

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JD Hancock

No argument from me. If you do anything 365 times, you’re bound to get a little better at it, if only accidentally. 😉

Barb Hale

I’m 8 days into my first 365 on flickr. Glad to know that I might get better by the end. These examples are very interesting.

Ginger Jones

I think I am going to attempt another 365 project, what have I got to lose right… Just have to wait for pending surgery to be over.

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