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Every once in a while you come across a product and you have to stop and admire the quality. One such products are the luxurious and stylish camera bags made by Hawkesmill in England. These camera bags exude the passion and drive of Taylor Young, the man behind the vision. These camera bags are a gift fit for royalty.


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In 2012 I got inspired by the London Olympics, so did most people, especially those living in Britain. When they ended I wanted that feeling of “British pride” to continue. I found myself changing my entire wardrobe to mostly products that were Made in England and Made in the UK. I became obsessed with handmade shoes that were made in Northampton, a small industrial area, just north of London, where they’ve been making handmade shoes since the 15th century.

I was fascinated by the construction and the fact that a pair of shoes, or boots, could literally last for a person’s entire lifetime. When the soles of the shoes are worn, they are simply removed and resoled and the shoe, or boot is instantly revitalized. And even though those shoes cost more initially, they are a far better value in the long run. My British-made wardrobe was nearly complete by the end of 2012, but there was one thing missing… a camera bag. Being a photographer, this was perhaps the most important thing to me. I went on a long search for a bag that was: stylish, functional and would last a lifetime. Ideally I wanted the bag made in England. I kept coming back to the same camera bag company time and time again. And I didn’t want their bags. To me, they looked like fishing bags and I didn’t like the style and I didn’t feel that the materials used warranted the price. They didn’t feel luxurious enough for me and if I was going to spend a good deal of money on a bag for life, I wanted it to be everything that I wanted.


© Hawkesmill


© Hawkesmill

So, I went about creating my own brand of stylish, luxurious camera bags and accessories. All handmade in England by the same craftsmen I had come to respect from my journey earlier in the year. Our bags are made by hand in a factory that makes some of the most well-respected and long-lasting products on the market. Our camera neck straps are made by a company that has more than 200 years combined experience manufacturing leather goods.

But where our products are made is not the highlight of our brand. The real value of our products is the lifetime warranty given and the fact that our bags were designed from the inside out, in order to be refreshed and last a lifetime. For instance, most camera bags have the shoulder strap stitched on to the side of the bag. But what happens if you need to replace the shoulder strap? The entire bag needs to be sent back to the manufacturer. Our shoulder straps are removable and replaceable. The same is true for our feet on the bottom of the bag. These screw on and are completely removable. If a customer owned their bag for 20-30 years and wished to refresh the bag they would simply purchase a new shoulder strap and new feet.


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Just like the handmade shoes of Northampton, if you average the cost of the bag over a person’s lifetime, our bags are actually exceptionally good value.

Taylor Young, Founder of Hawkesmill England
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© Hawkesmill


© Hawkesmill


© Hawkesmill

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