Right Time, Right Place – A Photographic Exploration by Robert Rutöd

Robert Rutöd’s project ‘Right Time, Right Place‘ is a collection of pictures he took while traveling through Europe. The project explores the possibility (or impossibility) of an ideal moment in time and space. The pictures show tragicomic scenes such as a swan frozen to a lake, a blind man using the tram track to orient himself, and a collection of wine bottles showing a pope next to former dictators. These pictures make us wonder what makes a particular point in time and space right or wrong. Of course, the photos also raise the question whether it’s necessary for a photographer to be at the right time and place, or whether good photographers create these opportunity themselves.

If you’d like to see more of Robert’s work, you can visit his website or Facebook page.

woman holding balloons

swan and family on a frozen lake

man with a hose

man taking a picture

two girls looking out of a ceiling window

blind man with a walking stick on tram rail

man shooting bottles

bottles with depictions of historic people

person holding a sign and a canon

group of people waiting

trumpet player

man taking medecin

waiters throwing bottles away

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