The Rule of Thirds – Photography Composition

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To discourage placing the subject at the center, or prevent a horizon from splitting the picture into two, the rule of thirds should be applied. This guideline is utilized by aligning a subject with the guide lines of a tic-tac-toe layout and the intersection points. You place the horizon on the top or bottom line, and/or allow linear features in the image flow from section to section.

image from Wikipedia

from Wikipedia

Here are 20 great images that follow the rule of thirds.


Sunflower by Malte Sörensen


Flashlight by Rick Harris


strolling by joiseyshowaa

Straight to the Top

Straight to the Top by Sean McGee

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds by Marcel Schoenhardt

Reflected Sky.

Reflected Sky. by Matthew Kang

Stuck In Iceland

Stuck In Iceland by Trey Ratcliff

Storm Over the Fenceline

Storm Over the Fenceline by Evan Leeson


Perspective by Rob Overcash

In the Shadow of a Flower

In the Shadow of a Flower by Hamed Saber

Still Life

Still Life by Rick Harris

Sunset In The Rule Of Thirds

Sunset In The Rule Of Thirds by Stuart Richards

Sunrise and a cow

Sunrise and a cow by Owen Thomas

Texas In July

Texas In July by Carol Von Canon

t's Friday.

t's Friday. by eyesogreen

Arty Installation

Arty Installation by Arty Smokes


Music by Aftab Uzzaman

Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds by John Watson


invitation by Rui Malheiro

Rule of Thirds?

Rule of Thirds? by Garry

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maria thereza de barros camargo

A superb semminar on rule of thirds photo composition. And the photos are prize winnings! Congratulations! Wow!

Maria Thereza
from Rio, Brazil, and you know that
it’s the Marvelous City!




i love photography <3

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