Secret Dreams – Portraits by Ebru Sidar

Portrait of fine art photographer Ebru SidarI have long been a fan of Ebru Sidar, having found her photography page on deviantART several years ago. Her portraits are mesmerizing, and showed me how creative one can be with the camera. Ebru’s landscape work is equally as powerful and talented, and her unique ability is evident in both areas – to present a dreamlike, entrancing environment here in the physical world.

Ebru’s work is described below:

Ebru Sidar was born on 13 January 1975 in Trabzon. Since her parents were bankers, she traveled to many cities in Turkey and then moved to Ankara where she is still living. She graduated from Ankara University as a Geology Engineer.

She thinks that all types of art affect and are connected to each other. Capturing “the good” in thoughts and the physical world, she believes that any work on which someone focuses mentally, emotionally and physically is meant to be good.

Considering photography as a common property and language of humanity, she believes that it should always promote and contribute to sustainable peace. She has been actively working on photography since February 2005. While continuously developing her skills and knowledge, she never wants to give up her amateur spirit.”

A woman sits alone pondering while playing with leaves on a branch; fine art photography by Ebru Sidar

To find more of Ebru’s evocative work and to explore her landscape collection, you can visit her portfolio site. You can also connect with her on her popular deviantART page.

A woman looks at a flower while blindfolded; fine art photography by Ebru Sidar

A young girl stands next to a giant tree, looking into the deserted forest.

Two women sit in a forest, fine art photography by Ebru Sidar

A woman stands still in a lake, arms crossed and looking down; fine art photography by Ebru Sidar

Long exposure of woman with long red hair; fine art photography by Ebru Sidar

Woman with flowing hair at the golden hour; fine art photography by Ebru Sidar

 Woman with long hair stands nude in the fog; fine art photography by Ebru Sidar

Woman stands clothed in black along the water; fine art photography by Ebru Sidar

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Photo A - Cabine de fotos

Muito legal, parabéns!




This photos rememeber me another great master: Todd Baxter:

The Soul Explorer

All photos are amazing but I love the last pix!


cool pictures……

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