19 Reflective Self Portrait Pictures

We’re obsessed with ourselves. Give a person a camera and something reflective and within 3 minutes and 22 seconds they’ll have a self portrait of them in that reflective source. Here are 19 pictures that demonstrate that obsession.

dream of mirrors

dream of mirrors by smif

Taking A Photo Of Myself

Taking A Photo Of Myself by Bart

brown is the color of my life

brown is the color of my life by Dan Simpson

Me, Canon, and Sigma

Me, Canon, and Sigma by Hamed Masoumi

Showing off my freshly blue-dyed hair.

Showing off my freshly blue-dyed hair. by Trisha Weir


Explore by Arty Smokes

self portrait

self portrait by hobvias sudoneighm

she wanted to be beautiful

she wanted to be beautiful by Gwyn Michael

wink wink bedhead!

wink wink bedhead! by Dan Conway

self portrait

self portrait by Alan

A Picture Share!

A Picture Share! by Barb Dybwad

Me and my new camera

Me and my new camera by Grant Neufeld

nacrcissistic tendencies

Nacrcissistic Tendencies by Jasmic


Tribute To LauraMary's Tribute To Me by Stuart Boreham

Hey Everybody

Hey Everybody by Deana


17/365 by B Beck

gettin' ready to shave

gettin' ready to shave by Dustin Oliver

goggle self portrait

goggle self-portrait by Sarah


me by liz west

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  1. Shawn Carpenter

    I’ve always been a fan of self portraits, especially with lots of mirror reflections like the first one shown here. If I’m ever in a house of mirrors again I will try something like this!

  2. Richard van Wayenburg

    Nice :)

    Here’s my reflective self portrait. Reflecting my inner psycho hehe


  3. myrtle

    Cool! Awesome collection of self portrait photos.=D

  4. Jeffery G Scism

    How about #20, My self portrait reflected in a fly’s butt? Might be the world’s SMALLEST reflective self Portrait.


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