Simplicity – Photography Composition

This post is part of our Rules of Composition in Photography series.

Keeping things simple sometimes is the best way to get a good photo. Look for uncomplicated backgrounds and try to focus on keeping objects out of the picture that may draw attention away from your subject.

Breathing Sunshine

Breathing Sunshine by Poppy Thomas-Hill

summer wishes

summer wishes by Shandi-lee


Minimal by Alastair Thompson

cosmic rough riders:to be someone

cosmic rough riders:to be someone by Lali Masriera


Untitled by sympathy

Tres son multitud...

Tres son multitud... by Miguel Angel


Untitled by lagiuspo

wham:a different corner

wham:a different corner by Lali Masriera


simplicity by Blue

Between The Worlds

Between The Worlds by Martin Gommel

I'm just a simple guy swimming in a sea of sharks. ;)

I'm just a simple guy swimming in a sea of sharks. 😉 by Khalid Al-khater

simply biking

simply biking by Andre Delhaye

sleepy already

sleepy already by Ibrahim Iujaz

Alone in the sun

Alone in the sun by Andrew

This is Peace

This is Peace by John Mueller

In Front of Sea

In Front of Sea by Luis Fabres

Alone, with me

Alone, with me by Ferran Jordà

Come Home

Come Home by Helga Weber

Two Trees in a Freshly Ploughed Field

Two Trees in a Freshly Ploughed Field by Simon Anderson

Day Eighty Eight

Day Eighty Eight by Dustin Diaz


Untitled by Ρanayotis


Simplicity by M D


Untitled by maca.foto

Next to nothing

Next to nothing by Daniela Hartmann


Solitude by Víctor Nuño

Student shown here.

Student shown here. by Mike Baird

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