Consider the Snail – 12 Great Pictures

Consider the Snail

Where he goes he leaves a trail.
When he goes where he shouldn’t be,
His trail is there for all to see.

Our life is like the little snail,
Where we go we leave a trail.
The things we do and the things we say,
Are the trail we leave from day to day.

- R. Wayne Edwards

recently at the fairytale forest

recently at the fairytale forest

Not so fast mom!

Not so fast mom!



Is anybody there?

Is anybody there?

My small world.

My small world.

Autumn snail

Autumn snail

Cuddly animal

Cuddly animal by Astrid Photography


Slowness by Martino Sabia

Hi, I am Axel and I live here!

Hi, I am Axel and I live here! by Per Ola Wiberg

Snail on rail

Snail on rail by *Kicki*

Snail macro

Snail macro by David Stewart

Snail at sunset

Snail at sunset by nutmeg66

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  1. Gianpaolo Pietri

    Great images! I just stumbled on your site by typing the word ‘slowness’ on google search. I will be sure to come back and continue to look at the amazing library of photographs you have catalogued. You’ve got a new fan. I am writing a post in a blog related to slowness, and I will be sure to link back to this site for some eye candy.

  2. Kaitlyn

    I was also looking up things on google, specifically, snails for idea to paint. Thanks for the idea and wow, these are quite beautiful.

  3. Bryan Agoncillo

    great photos I really like them..

  4. aiva

    they’re looks so cute…

  5. Jorgelina

    WOW! I surprise myself saying these are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this collection!

  6. Andrew

    So small, so dangerous, thanks for these images.

  7. david bise

    top pictures

  8. snail white

    wow great photos

  9. snail white

    Nice picutre

  10. Snail white cream

    I like snail ^_^

  11. Christopher Gavin Jackson

    Here is a video I did of my pet snail. :)

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