Soft and Colorful – Flower Photos by Jolanta Żychlińska

Jolanta Żychlińska is a self-taught photographer from Legionowo, Poland, with a beautiful collection of flower and still life pictures. She’s always been passionate about photography, but for a while, she was so busy with work that she forgot about it. Then, a few years ago, she reached for her camera and rediscovered the relaxation and wonder she feels while taking pictures. “Photography lets me see things that I could not see without a camera,” she says. “It allows me to stop for a moment and enjoy what surrounds me.” Her beautiful work is an encouragement to anyone who’s given up photography, to go ahead and start again.

To see more of Jolanta’s pictures, visit her website, facebook page, or etsy shop.

purple flower

blue flower purple flower

pink tulips

blue flower white tulip

pink flower sunflower

white lilly yellow flower

pureple crocus white tulip

dried hydrangea

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