Spinning On The Merry-Go-Round – 15 Dizzy Pictures

The liability of the merry-go-round is slowly depriving parks and schools of this fun piece of spinning metal and wood. Sad. So before they are all gone, go find the one merry-go-round in your area and take a few spinning pictures. Here are 15 dizzy ones to inspire you.

Playing on the Merry go round

Playing on the Merry go round by Charles Knowles


Untitled by Jeff Meyer

Round and round

Round and round by Sandor Weisz

Somebody stop the world...

Somebody stop the world... by Esther Gibbons


Wheeeee by Kate Sumbler

Spinning Around

Spinning Around by Tomer Arazy

Dizzying Playground!

Dizzying Playground! by Denis Giles

Spinning Julia...older version!

Spinning Julia...older version! by Brittany Randolph

Happines is Spinning

Happines is Spinning by Karl Hutchinson

Chester Spin

Chester Spin by Aaron Molina


spinning by Michael Lemmon


round by woodleywonderworks

Jake & Kylie Spinning

Jake & Kylie Spinning by Ken Colwell


Whee! by AJ Schuster

GO Rhonda GO!

GO Rhonda GO! by Michael Glasgow

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my head’s spinning looking @ the pics..marvelous great images.. the GO Rhonda GO
& Happiness is Spinning are the best..amazin shutter speed used..


my photographer and I have been searching everywhere for a playground that still has a merrygoround in Atlanta Georgia or the surrounding areas at this point. I loved them as a kid and I wanna keep those memories by doing a photoshoot with one.

if anyone knows of any in or around Atlanta Georgia please let me know!
or if anyoe knows of anyone who had an old merrygoround they’re willing to part with or allow us to use it as a prop!

thanks bunches,

laura L L

Love it!! Now I want to go ride on one!! Brings back some really fun memories…especially the ones of going so fast ( bigger brothers pushing it) that I was hanging half on and half off flying through the air. lol

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