20 Sweet Pictures of Staircases

If you have a house with a basement or another level, you probably use stairs fairly regularly. Here are 20 sweet pictures of staircases.

1. Life is
I always look down the middle of winding staircases. This picture captures that perfectly.

Life is

2. Staircase
Very modern looking.


3. Hotel of Decay
Abandoned hotel in East Germany.

Hotel of Decay

4. Shaker Staircase

Shaker Staircase

5. Spiral Staircase
At the Vatican Museum.

Spiral Staircase

6. Staircase


7. Spiral Staircase

spiral staircase

8. Triple Spiral Staircase

triple spiral staircase

9. Staircase Library

library staircase

10. Staircase
Black Forest, Germany

black forest staircase

11. Victor Horta Hotel Tassel Staircase

victor horta hotel tassel staircase

12. Spiral Staircase
At the Garvan Institute in Sydney, Austrailia.

spiral staircase

13. Staircase


14. Double Spiral Staircase
In the Chemistry department of Reading University.

Double Spiral Staircase

15. Staircase


16. Vertigo


17. Chicago Stairways

chicago stairways

18. Torre die Lamberti

Torre dei Lamberti

19. Steps


20. Fancy Staircase

fancy stairs
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  1. Linda

    Outstanding work…I have to say, I do not know which is a favorite. This covers all aspects of art..if I had to pick, it would be no 6 & no 7 ..but, I will say the hand on the rail on the first photo is also a fab shot.

  2. Michelle Wheat

    I love these staricase pictures. Great work.

  3. Kathy K

    Love #3 Hotel of Decay – could be the start of a great story!

  4. outrand


  5. Staci Layne Wilson

    Absolutely stunning. I came across this blog while doing research for an article referencing Hitchcock’s Vertigo, and I am really glad for the “detour”. I’m bookmarking your site.


  6. lumi

    beautiful stair… it’s very artistic…

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