Still Life Photography with Toy Stormtroopers by Kristina Alexanderson

Kristina Alexanderson is a still life photographer that works with toys on a daily basis. One of her favorite subjects are Stormtroopers and showing what the ordinary life of one might be. She uses both her studio and natural light to create beautiful photos that show the human side of the dark side.

To see more of Kristina’s still life photography, check out her website and Flickr.


Will you have me?




Teddys summer bath


You came in that thing?


The beauty of the botanic garden or a tribute to unicef




Pick me up, pls


Baywatch or trooperwatch


The beach voyeur


Do you think we’ll find the droids?


just hands


loves me, loves me not


Don’t you want to play Star Wars?


Love me tender, pls love me


Teddy is mine (ii)

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  1. gayle rice

    Oh, how lovely are they? Such wonderful photos! Well done. Love these. x

  2. Linda

    These are some of the cutest and most creative photos I have ever seen! Really brings a smile to my face.

  3. Amy

    This work really makes you think, and even more important, feel.

  4. Robyn

    So clever! And such great use of the golden hour!

  5. maria thereza de barros camargo

    Creative, inspiring, original. Please show them as much as you can, everywhere, to every people. They deserve it.

  6. Alexandre Moreira

    As a huge star wars fan, all i can say is WELL DONE!
    Do you sell them?

  7. a French Still Life Photographer

    I love this kind of approach in the art of photographing still lifes. A nice mix between arts, cinema and geek style! Good work!

    Jean-Loup, a french still life photographer

  8. XYZ Melbourne

    Cheers mate,

    Your photos have taken toy photography to another level … Great job.

    We have tried some toy photography as well,

    please check it out :

    star wars fan,

    XYZ melbourne

  9. Shannon Perry

    My favorites were Teddy is mine(ii) and don’t you want to play starwars? So darn cute ;)

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