Street Portraits of People I Don’t Know – Colin Shafer

A while back we featured Colin Shafer and some of his photography work about Filipino youth. Here’s another one of his projects entitled ‘People I Don’t Know’ which are street portraits of interesting people that Colin has met in his travels who wanted their picture taken.

barber shop

An elder (I could have sworn he said 90) from Melacca, Malaysia who has been running this family barber shop his whole life. The shop was passed down to him from his father.

stog woman

This woman was smoking a corn husk fatty, and quite proud of it. This market in Bagan, Burma would not have been the same without her. Betel stained teeth, and the traditional Thanaka face make-up.

shop keeper

This gentleman was running a small shop in Thiruvananthapuram, India.

Colin Shafer

This man was sitting enjoying a smoke in a small Kampung in Jakarta, Indonesia.


A homeless man in Shibuya square, Tokyo. Full of energy and life, yet struggling to get by.

homeless man

This gentleman was relaxing beside the water in Manila,Philippines. He seems to have had a hard life, and I am guessing he sleeps many nights on that very bench.

foong the frame man

This is Foong. He had a frame store in Melacca, Malaysia. Really nice guy who loved posing.


A gentleman who reminded me of Edward Scissorhands for some reason at a shop in Burma.

Burmese Che

A man smoking a cheroot in Bagan, Burma. He was working at a small shop that collects recyclables by a stream.

Colin is also currently running a photography project with Burmese Refugees in KL called “Everyone has Hope” (link) where you can go and donate a used digital camera or help out in any way you can.

From the website:

“This is essentially a project that intends to expose what these refugees see every day through their photography. As part of the project, the youths (mostly ages thirteen – sixteen) will be taught the art of photography. This will be done through the help of local professional photographers and artists who will be coming to run workshops with the students.”

See more of Colin’s photography on his website and Facebook page.

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Andrés Guarisco

Great pictures, simple things, simple people.

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