Surreal Seascapes by Kieran O’Connor

Kieran O’Connor has a unique talent: photographing the unpredictable nature and drama of the ocean. Based in Australia, he has used his gift to inspire others by capturing the beauty of the coast in a single, surreal moment.

When asked how he would describe his work, Kieran had the following to say:

“I haven’t been a photographer for long, in fact only in 2009 did I pick up my first DSLR. It started through traditional art, being a landscape painter I used a little point & shoot to capture reference photos for my work. It grew on me very quickly and I was fascinated at the concept of recording a moment in time, a personal moment. My love of photography took off and eventually overshadowed my desire to keep painting. I found more joy through the lens than I did through the paintbrush.

I’ve been lucky enough to have always lived near the coast and I am constantly inspired by the oceans ever changing wild beauty. There is no better fulfillment than standing on an empty beach as the sun rises and taking those moments home with me and then sharing them with others. I want viewers when looking at my work to feel something, I want to pull them into a scene and have them feel as if they can almost smell the salt spray or feel the water lapping at their feet.”

To see more of Kieran’s inspiring work, you can visit his portfolio site: Kieran O’Connor Photography. You can also follow him on his Facebook page and G+.

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  1. Rex Manzano

    HDR pictures. right? xD

  2. Olivia

    love these!

  3. PsiModuloQuadro

    Amazing pics


  4. Paul

    Are these ALL photoshopped?!!

  5. Photostorys

    Wonderful shots.

  6. Stephane Bon

    Beautiful pictures with great colors and very good composition.

  7. Jonny Kanthan

    Pretty awesome. I would love to try this one day :)

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