Symmetry – Photography Composition

This post is part of our Rules of Composition in Photography series.

Keeping your subject symmetrical is another good technique to use in photography. You can also achieve amazing results by exploring interesting ways to show symmetry in your subject(s) or finding a break in the symmetry.

Here are 25 inspiring symmetry photos.

Central station

Central station by Stig Nygaard

Dark Coast

Dark Coast by Nathan Siemers

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand by Daniel Parks

Hungarian Parliament Symmetry

Hungarian Parliament Symmetry by Dimitry B.


Symmetry by MaxiuB

Getting Away...

Getting Away... by Martin Heigan

In The Orchard

In The Orchard by Eric

sf: .bridge

sf: .bridge by smif


underpierclouds by David Gordon Whittaker


Birdeye by svenwerk


Trains by svenwerk

Middle Of A Dream

Middle Of A Dream by Victor Bezrukov

Transco Blue

Transco Blue by Tom Haymes

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point by Shin-ichi Higashi


lost by Phil Hilfiker

Borrowdale in Pink

Borrowdale in Pink by Tim Haynes

Golden Apples

Golden Apples by Rory

Friday Linkin Park Jumping

Friday Linkin Park Jumping by Michael Dunn

Umeda sky building escalator

Umeda sky building escalator by Simon


Life by Toshihiro Oimatsu

My Most Treasured Gift

My Most Treasured Gift by Gep Pascual

A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park

A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park by Trey Ratcliff


Moongarden by Marcel Germain

underground symmetry II

underground symmetry II by Phil Hilfiker

weekend inspiration

weekend inspiration by Mohamed Muha

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