The Abstract Landscape – Photography by Alain Baumgarten

When I first discovered Alain’s portfolio, I was immediately drawn to his masterful usage of bokeh and shallow depths of field. This dreamlike effect gives his images a surreal quality that is filled with mystery, and it’s a method that I use often in my own work. His portfolio is a great source of inspiration to photographers of any field, and I’m thrilled to introduce him to the Photography Blogger community.

Cows relaxing in a field overlooking a dramatic mountain range in France

You can see more of Alain’s outstanding work on his portfolio site, or follow him on deviantART and Google+. You can also find him on 500px.


long, windy dirt road into the mist with tall trees along the side.

Birch tree leaves with shallow focus, dream like.

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  1. Kristi Bonney

    Beautiful work!

  2. Anne Jutras

    Beautiful photos with great atmosphere! I remember seeing his photos on DeviantArt, I was automatically drawn by his beauty.

    Great feature!

  3. David BISE

    Very nice

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