The Art of Sleep Part 2: 18 Peaceful Animal Pictures

Apparently other creatures have also mastered the art of sleep and not just the human race. Here are 18 peaceful pictures that demonstrate perfectly the animal side of sleep. They may inspire you to not only get out your camera and take a few restful photos, but also get some well needed rest.

Sleeping Cat by Michael Carian

Sleeping Husky by Tambako The Jaguar

Sleeping Porcupine by Juan Tello

Sleeping pigeon by 松林 L

Sleeping white tiger by reonis

Sleeping dogs by Enrico Donelli

Sleeping Sea Otter-Explore #16 5/21/10 by Linda Tanner

Sleeping Beauty by J P

Nap Time by John Haslam

Sleeping Security by Jeffrey Johnson

Sleeping raccoon by Tambako The Jaguar

Sleeping Cat by Domenico Salvagnin


Sleeping cougar by Tambako The Jaguar

Sleeping beauty by Tambako The Jaguar

#73 - Sleep by John O'Nolan

Zipper sleeping by Arkansas ShutterBug

Spirou trying to sleep by Alexandre Dulaunoy

Max sleeping in the barn by Colin Davis

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Love these! This is my shot of my Boxer.

Ann Wilson

I was just going to say boxers look goofy sometimes when they sleep. We had one that was a family guardian, for sure! Shelby. She died of cancer. Hope your boxer is still happy and happily sleepin’!

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