The Beauty of Simplicity – Fine Art Photography by ReD Ognita

Profile photo of photographer ReD OgnitaReD Ognita is an award-winning photographer from the Philippines, now based in Beijing, China. His minimalist approach to landscape photography has earned him international recognition, and it’s easy to see why. When I found his portfolio online, I noticed that it had the ability to draw me in – eliminating all distractions around me, and I found my mind wandering through the scene he presented before me.

Long exposure of waterfront homes, fine art black and white photography.

That is what I find fascinating about photography and how I select my photographer features – the surreal ability of an image where it can transport you to another time and place. I instantly got this notion with ReD’s work, and wanted to share it with you all.

Long pier leads out onto the water, fine art black and white photography.

What I find interesting about ReD when reading his online interviews is that he is not formally trained, having self-taught himself through the vast resources available online in discussion forums, post processing tutorials, and so on. This is a route taken by many fine art photographers – very little to no formal education from an institution, and instead utilizing the internet for both inspiration and education.

Sunrise over a foggy and misty landscape, fine art black and white photography.

When asked about his creative process, ReD notes that he particularly loves to shoot in the early morning, but not for the light. The mood this time creates – especially when fog is added to the composition – is what drives his creative process. His attraction to simplicity is notable in his work, and he mentions that once the image can stand on its own – that is, all distractions are removed – then he is satisfied with his image.

Tall rocks protrude in the background behind a lake, fine art black and white photography.

 You can read more about ReD’s creative process by clicking here, where he has put together a select gathering of online interviews. You can also visit his online portfolio to see more of his outstanding work, or connect with him on Facebook.

Treeline against a blank sky, fine art black and white photography.

Skyscraper against the bright sky with strong lines, black and white fine art photography.

Black and white fine art photography, minimalism.

infrared trees along the water, black and white fine art photography.

Hillside in the distance through the fog, black and white fine art photography.

Long exposure of a bridge with much detail, black and white fine art photography.

Black and white cityscape, fine art photography.

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