The Brilliant Upland – Landscape Photography by Matthieu Parmentier

French landscape photographer Matthieu Parmentier has created a portfolio of outstanding vistas during his travels. His compositions are powerful – dramatic lighting combined with strong focal points instantly transport you to another part of our world.

Autumn Splendor

Matthieu describes his work below:

“I’m a French guy from Normandy addicted to travels and outdoor activities. I became  interested in photography few years ago because I wanted to bring home better pictures of all the places I visit whenever possible.

Last night before chaos

I became serious about my photography about a year ago when I decided to stop “taking pictures” while traveling and began to focus on “making pictures” of all the landscapes I encountered. Graduated neutral density and polarizer filters were packed in my bag and my winter traveling in Western USA National Parks in February was like a small “revelation” about the possibilities in photography.

My focus is almost exclusively landscape pictures because photography is just a part of my love for outdoor activities, traveling and landscape watching.”

Waterfall of the Gods

You can view more of Matthieu’s work on his website, or follow him via his social media pages: Facebook, 500px, and DeviantART.

The Explorer at sunset

Stormy sunset

Prelude to Winter


Mount McKinley

Les Tufs

La Billaude

Burning Storm

Blazing Bryce

Big jump waterfall

Arch and needle

A world of colors

A storm is coming

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