The Colors of Australia – Coastal Photography by Dylan Fox

The work of award-winning photographer Dylan Fox is an inspiration to any aspiring artist. His playground is the coast of Australia, which provides him with the perfect landscape to create his mesmerizing images that explode with vibrant colors. Each one of Dylan’s photos is a unique creation; a stunning example of how beautiful the coast can be.

Ocean waves crash over rocks at sunset along the coast of Australia

Dylan describes his work below:

“I have always loved to have a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember. On family trips I can recall racing through rolls of film on my mum’s Canon SLR, capturing nothing in particular and using up excessive amounts of film in the process. Having always loved to travel and witness natures finest moments, it was only a matter of time before I started capturing those moments in the form of photographs.

Long exposure of Sugarloaf in Australia, seen under blue skies and incredible light

It was on a year 12 photography camp where we were assigned the task of capturing a few landscape images for our portfolios. Ever since that first sunrise shoot on Rottnest Island I have been hooked. Needless to say I spent the rest of that trip cycling the Island in search of my next Landscape photograph.

Colorful sunset over a long pier in Australia

Perth has provided me with an amazing coastline in which to learn and develop my skills as a photographer. The beaches along the West Australian coast have played a major part in my life and a significant role in my photographic career.

The rocky coastline of Australia, with deep turquoise water and purple skies.

My eyes are now forever watching the sky’s and keeping an eye on local weather maps in hope of capturing something special. The satisfaction of capturing an amazing location under the perfect light is a feeling I strive for constantly. When all the elements come together it makes for a moment in time that I may never forget. Capturing those moments allows me to show people what they may have otherwise have missed.

Stormy skies along the coast of Australia, with waves receding quickly

My aim is always to capture photographs that provoke emotional connections from those that view them. The photograph must tell a story and truly captivate those that see it.”

A minimalist photo of a long pier receding into the ocean in Australia

You can see more of Dylan’s work on his portfolio site, or you can visit his blog for some additional commentary to his images. You can also find Dylan on Facebook, 500px, and Google+.

Incredible color and skies on the coast of Yallingup in Australia

Astro-photograph of the Milky Way under a vintage pick-up truck, in Australia

Intense waves along the rocky coast of Australia, under a stormy sky

Long exposure photo of a hand-made pier jutting out onto the water with coastline in the distance

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Sir like it this picture is a very naure and natural phenomena.

gregory urbano

gorgeous set of brilliant and colorful images that definitely evoke emotions!

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