The Greek Cityscape – Architectural Photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou

Julia Anna Gospodarou is an outstanding black-and-white photographer from Athens, who concentrates her work on the urban skyline. Julia – who is also an architect – uses her incredible talent with long exposures and masterfully applies it to her images – intense tonal ranges and beautifully captured skylines make her photography truly exceptional.

"a path to the sky I", architecture photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou

Julia describes her work below:

I am an architect and a Fine Art photographer living and creating in Athens, Greece and my main body of photographic work consists in black and white images created using the technique of long exposure, but also exploring fields like motion blur or intentional camera movement. I love to photograph everything around me, but I have always had a special affinity for cities and architecture and nowadays this is a clear direction towards which my work is going.

"like a harp's strings I", architecture photography by Julia Anne Gospodarou

I always felt the need to have a camera in my hand, not so important which kind of camera, because I’m a firm believer in the idea that one can create art with any means, and the camera should only be to a photographer what a brush is to a painter, just a tool and a projection of his eye and heart. My camera is a part of myself, it’s the part that helps me see the world around me and the camera I was holding in my hand was always one of my most precious possessions.

"like a harp's strings II", architecture photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou

For me photography is about introspection and about expressing myself. There is a part of me that could never reach to light in any other way than by means of my photographs. I don’t do photography to show something to the world, I do it to show something to me, to help myself understand the world and explore its beauty. If what I show to myself can also mean something to others, if my aesthetic quests can touch other hearts and minds, that means I managed to get to the essence and translated this essence into a language that can be understood. And then I’m happy.

"like a harp's strings IV", architecture photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou

The pursuit of perfection was always an important part of my life and creative work, be it architectural, photographic, or in the study of languages and civilizations, which is another one of my passions. I believe that there is a dose of perfection in everything we see and that perfection always has to do with beauty, the beauty of a shape, of a line, of a shadow falling on a surface, of a streak of clouds crossing a blue sky, of a gesture, of a word, of a hint of light…

"like a harp's strings V", architecture photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou

My love for architecture and architectural photography and my constant wonder in front of the world surrounding us, next to my desire to share with others the things I know and discover made me decide to extend my activities to teaching workshops and organizing photowalks on architecture and architectural photography as a first step, and on the connection that exists between landscape and the built environment in a particular area as a following direction.

"a path in the sky III", architecture photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou

I have already organized an architectural photowalk in Berlin this year together with a few photographers friends, and it turned out to be a big success so it will be probably followed by a second one later this year in another European city. As for the moment, I am organizing a workshop/photowalk that will take place in Athens in November and will be built around the idea of finding and capturing the beauty that exists in an architectural object by first understanding how to look at it, then how to look at the light rendering it and finally how to add our self into the equation in order to find our vision and express it into the photograph.

fog and mist surround a railing along the ocean, mono square format, by Julia Anna Gospodarou

From information about the building and the way it was designed, to planning the capture and all the way till the final touches of processing, nothing can be left to chance if we want to penetrate the shell and reach to the soul of a building, in order to show it to the world and express ourselves in the process. Covering this process of creation of an architectural photograph, be it a Fine Art long exposure or a regular one is what I intend to do in my workshop this fall.

"a path to the sky IV", architecture photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou

My long term intentions are to bring people, either they are experienced photographers or just aspiring ones, closer to architectural photography as a form of art and not only as a way of recording a space, to show to those who are interested that one could look at a building with the same eye he would look at a beautiful scenery and have the same feeling when discovering the beauty.

long exposure of couple walking at night along a lamp-lit street, by Julia Anna Gospodarou

To view more of Julia Anna’s work, you can find her on Facebook, Google+, and 500px. She’s also has a Flickr, and is a member of Art Limited and

"like a harp's strings III", architecture photography by Julia Anna Gospodarou

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Beautiful shots, interesting work 🙂

Kay Walker

Thanks for introducing me to Gospodarou’s work. I had seen one or two pix of hers on Google+ but hadn’t explored her in depth. Lovely stuff! Now I’d better head on over & see your work.

Joel Tjintjelaar

A wonderful interview on fine art architectural photography by one of the leading fine art architectural photographers in the world. I like Julia’s statement that perfection always has to do with beauty. I would like to add that perfection is always the result of passionate dedication and craftsmanship. I can see the dedication and craftsmanship in Julia’s work, that’s why it has such a high aesthetic value.

Julia Anna Gospodarou

Thank you so much for the feature Christopher and Photography Blogger and also for the kind comments Mdaf, Key and Joel !

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