The Importance of Light in Photography

Light is probably the most important thing to think about when trying to take a great photograph. When taking pictures, it is critical at times to be in the right place at the right time to get the perfect light, especially when you’re dealing with the sunrise or sunset.

Tim Smalley recently put together an example that demonstrates the changes in light in less than 10 minutes while shooting a sunrise landscape photo. The images are jpgs straight from the camera with no processing done and each one using the same graduated filter.

Importance of Light

Image by timsmalley

Pretty amazing to see how quickly light can change in a matter of minutes. This example emphasizes the importance of setting up your shot ahead of time and making sure you have the ideal settings ready to get the photo you want. Doing simple tests like Tim did here can help you understand the importance of light in photography and help you become a better photographer.

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  1. obi

    First of all, nice Blog and of course part of my feed-list
    It was time to show this, really. This is why I call spring, the teasing time (of the year).
    Most of the time, you drive to work or back home and the light is unbelievable perfect. Even if you find a place to stop the car and grab you camera, the light is gone… within minutes.
    I know, one should never be without the camera… there is only one solution… go pro :o).

  2. monika

    lovely pictures…i’m fascinated to see the changes light can bring.
    Wonderful !!!!

  3. Tyler Wainright

    Nice article and so true about the light…until you’re a photographer it’s hard to appreciate how fast the light can change.

  4. khay

    great pics.. thanks for your post :p

  5. oky

    good picture… i wanna share to my friends…

  6. Dixie Partch

    hey guys, thank for that excellent information.

  7. foto ślubne warszawa

    Contrast brilliantly presented and well-used lights. Really cool.

  8. Denver Photographer

    Great article. -dz

  9. David BISE

    Very good demonstration. It is better to be present spot before the light because the time to settle down and it is too late

  10. nilesh aher

    why light is called heart of photography

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