15 Shhhh Library Pictures

A library can be one of the most peaceful places to relax with a good book. It’s also a great place to take a photo.

1. The View
The Royal Library in Copenhagen.

The View

2. (Almost) Empty Library
Library for the Faculty of Philology at the Free University Berlin, Germany.

(Almost) Empty Library

3. Alexandria Library
Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria Library

4. Card Boxes
Good luck finding these in today’s modern library.

Card Boxes

5. Seattle Public Library
The Seattle Central Library, Seattle, Washington USA.

Seattle Public Library

6. Library of Congress
Washington, DC USA

Library of Congress

7. Library
San Francisco, CA USA Main Library.


8. Bookshelves
Regent College Library, Vancouver, BC Canada.


9. Beinecke
Beinecke Rare Books Library at Yale.


10. New York Public Library
New York, New York USA

New York Public Library

11. Mitchell Library, Sydney
The State Library of New South Wales, Austrailia.

Mitchell Library

12. Library Parabola
British Library reading room, now at the centre of the Great Court, British Museum, London.

Library Parabola

13. Study
Boston Public Library, Massachusetts USA

Boston Public Library

14. Phillips Exeter Academy Library
St. Exeter, New Hampshire USA

Phillips Exeter Academy Library

15. The Royal Library
Located on the second floor at the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid, Spain.

The Royal Library
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  1. lumi

    looks like comfortable library …

  2. Christine

    Edmonton Photographers: while viewing the pictures I’am quite I can tell this place is for study very peaceful. I love books and I can find my friend in the LIbrary i like the composition it really give story for those people who are book worm. The calmness of the place and unique architectural design plus the pictures gives life on it, two thumbs up to you all who took this.Thanks alot!!

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