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I’m quite excited to start a 4-part blog series here on With so much content on photography education out there on the web it can be overwhelming. My goal is that every post for the next four weeks will give you concise information that you can apply to your business and immediately start seeing a positive improvement. Afterall, learning without application is only half the battle.

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Wedding Photography is such a vast area and there are many styles and methods that photographers are using to capture these special days. I’ve been shooting weddings for well over 12 years now, so I have a few tidbits about the craft that I’m looking forward to sharing. Take everything with a grain of salt and apply it to your business in a way that fits your unique style and workflow.

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In this series, we’ll cover photographing wedding photography with a few tips and tricks into four different areas of weddings. I’ll discuss everything from how to take the right pictures and scheduling a wedding day, to creating consistent imagery for your and your clients and how to manage client expectations and avoiding the dreaded humungo family shot list.

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Join me here at PhotographyBlogger.Net over the next four Mondays for each post full of information and a few stories of my own successes and failures in these areas. You can also check out this 4-part webinar series that’ll go in depth into this topic and others in a live presentation (recorded as well) to really expand each topic and get the most from each area. I look forward to having you along for the ride!


Vanessa Joy is a NJ Wedding Photographer shooting 20-25 high-end weddings per year and spending her spare time teaching photographers how to have a successful photography career through one-on-one consulting. You can find more free photography education at

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Maui Wedding Packages
Maui Wedding Packages

Good Luck for your blog..It is great idea to start a series of wedding blogs. Never forget to post beautiful wedding pictures.


Vanessa is one of the best wedding photographers out there. She’s not only creative and delivers a top notch product, but she’s a savvy business woman. I ran a webinar with her and this became very obvious to me. So much so I asked Vanessa if she’d be willing to do more training and she’s obliged….check it out (hope I’m allowed to mention this….??…)


Jay Long

Very useful information; wedding photography does seem like quite a challenge. When an individual is good at it, it truly does show. Good stuff; good tips.


those are beautiful clicks.. captures the romance so nicely

family photographer Philadelphia

Thanks for sharing .I like it….

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