The Monday Wedding Hangover Blog Series :: Part 2 :: Creating Consistency

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Creating Consistency

I can’t stress consistency in wedding photography enough when it comes to creating and sticking to a brand image, as well as “getting it right in camera”. However, there’s another element to consistency when it comes to weddings that’ll help pull together your photographic efforts throughout the day.

The Manor Wedding Pictures

Ideally, your clients will want your photos in a wedding album with multiple pictures on a spread. If you take a picture of the wedding shoes in the grass, and then the invitation against a purple bridesmaid’s dress, and then photograph the engagement ring on a black table, those images most likely aren’t going to flow nicely together in the album. The same goes for if you photograph the bridesmaids on one background and the groomsmen on another and try to match them together on one page.

The Rockleigh Wedding Photos

Try to create consistency in series of images so that they match when you put them side-by-side either in a wedding album or even in a cluster of photos you post online on your blog, Facebook or Instagram account (see below). To take this one step further, consider staging the consistent theme around the wedding theme. For example, if it’s a rustic theme, maybe photograph the smaller details on a wooden floor rather than on a glass table to set the mood for the wedding.


Join me next week for tips on creating wedding day schedules with your bride and groom and controlling those huge family shot list (or preferably, how to not get them at all!).

Check out this 4-part webinar series that’ll go in depth into this topic and others in a live presentation (recorded as well) to really expand each topic and get the most from each area. I look forward to having you along for the ride!

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Jay Long

Great advice with seriously awesome images. Nice piece.

Vanessa Joy

Thanks so much Jay!

Mike Kenneally

Great advice and love the look and feel of the imagery, the detail shots of the wedding elements on the step ladder – excellent work.

family photographer Philadelphia

Awesome Blog…I love this one…Photography is guanine.. Thanks for sharing…Keep it post…

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