The Natural Beauty of Australia – Landscape Photography by Drew Hopper

The landscape portfolio of Drew Hopper is easily recognizable as one of the most colorful and inspiring bodies of work from Australia. His images are as visually stunning as they are unique, and offers us a wonderful view of Earth’s natural beauty – the way it was meant to be seen.

Water cascading over rocks along the coast, under a painterly sky.

Drew describes his work below:

“I take photographs to define my experiences, to encapsulate these moments and share Australia’s most extraordinary places with the world. I’m very passionate of what I do, but am most passionate about this beautiful place we call home.”

A small stream runs through a mossy forest, and under a log connecting both banks.

“Through my images I express my feelings for the places I’ve adventured and the beauty of nature that I encounter along my journey. People often ask me what made me interested in landscape photography and not other areas of photographic art. The simple answer is ‘Mother Nature’ I find nature to be more compelling, mysterious and overwhelming than any facial expression, any man-made structure or materialized subjects.”

Stunning blue hour image of the Australian coast, long exposure

“Nature inspires me to get outdoors and be creative with my natural surrounds. I find this to be the most precious gift life has to offer and this is why I share this sentiment with you.”

Beams of light shine through the branches of a towering deciduous tree.

You can view more of Drew’s photography on his portfolio site, where he offers limited or open edition prints of his work. You can connect with Drew on Facebook and 500px, or circle him on Google+. Drew also has a large following on deviantART.

And for the photographer crowd, Drew’s blog offers some interesting tutorials about his workflow – everything from filters to mounting prints.

Water flows through the ceiling of a cave in Australia.

Intense cumulus clouds with vertical formation.

Black and white image of the Australian coast, long exposure.

The turquoise and emerald colored waters of Australia, inside a cave.

The mossy forest of New England National Park in Australia.

Long exposure of the night sky and foggy clouds, as seen from Cathedral Rock in Australia.

The rugged mountain top of Australia, with a unique tree formation.

Intense moss growing off the branches of a tree.

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  1. Kamlesh Jangid

    Great Photographs. I see an artform in all of these. Can you please tell which lens and setting did you use for capture these moments?

  2. jim dakis

    Great eye!

  3. Brett Trafford

    Love the HDR of the forest.

  4. Peter Zala

    Nice Picturtes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Norene

    These are amazing photos! Thank you for sharing them. I especially like the b/w photo. There is something about that photo that I just can’t look away from. I’m going to check out your blog as well. ~Norene

  6. ann

    thanks this post

  7. ann

    nice post




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