The Night Chronicles: Astrophotography by Ivan Pedretti

Ivan Pedretti has an innate ability to combine vibrant night skies with powerful foregrounds, creating strong narratives under the stars. Based in Italy, Ivan shows us a rare view from our world by using a successful blend of technical expertise and creative compositions for incredibly dramatic astrophotography.

Milky Way and road in Italy

Ivan describes his work below:

“My passion for photography is the natural world: birdwatching and exploring the wilderness throughout south Sardinia, hiking in the wilderness, in search of wildlife and breathtaking scenery. I specialize in wildlife, landscape and environment photography. But I have a special love about night photography, staying in the dark waiting for a display gives you plenty of time to appreciate the scenery. Stargazing is an emotion, and every sound and movement is magnified. I usually snap my night photography with various emotions, surprise, mystery, fear.”

Milky Way in Italy

To see more of Ivan’s photography, you can visit his portfolio site, or follow his work via his social media pages: Facebook, Flickr, and 500px.

Star trails in Italy

Road disappearing into distance at night

Milky way in Italy

Stars and tree in Italy

Astrophotography in Italy

Milky Way in Italy

Milky Way beach in Italy

Milky Way in Italy

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