The Portfolio of Bokeh eBook: A Monograph on Shallow Depths

One of our writers, Christopher O’Donnell, has released his second eBook entitled The Portfolio of Bokeh: A Monograph on Shallow Depths in Landscape Photography. With this eBook, Christopher can help to bridge the gap between your vision and your creation by explaining how he approached each of his bokeh-filled landscape images. It’s an insightful follow-up to his first eBook, The Art of Bokeh, which teaches you how bokeh is created with your camera.

Portfolio of Bokeh eBook cover
What’s Inside
In this eBook, you will find 22 full page examples of his strongest bokeh images in high-resolution color. Each photo is paired with a full page spread that contains a wealth of information on how Christopher created each image. He discusses many aspects of his creative process – some examples include how he finds inspiration, choosing a strong focal point, and the importance of applying photography principles in your composition (such as contrast and symmetry).

Portfolio of Bokeh cover and preview

Portfolio of Bokeh table of contents

He also discusses the technical side of each image – what settings he uses, how he compensates for exposure, and how he judges a scene before he decides which methods he is going to apply…for example, how and when he decides a scene needs to be panostitched or auto-bracketed.

Portfolio of Bokeh page preview

Portfolio of Bokeh page preview

When you’re equipped to handle a situation, you feel empowered and excited about photography – which is the most important part. Photography is about creating for your own enjoyment, and if you can approach a scene objectively and not feel blocked, your creativity will flow and flourish.

With Christopher’s eBook, he can help by explaining the process behind his images and inspire you to develop your own unique style. Check out his website for more details about getting this eBook.

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Thanks for explaining how you used your photography skills

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