The Quest for Inspiration – Landscape Photography by Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes – The Quest for Inspiration | Demo 2011 from Mathieu Le Lay

Alexandre is one of the most inspirational photographers I’ve come to know, and is another who prompted me to follow my own path in landscape photography. Based in the French Alps, he describes his work and how he creates in a beautiful way:

It’s not only the visible reality that inspires me. Among other things, it is the atmosphere that guides me, always. In my view, nature is the ultimate source that the best creative inspiration comes from, and is the ornament of the soul.

The reasons that brought me to start photography in 2003 are still abstract. This seems like the natural way…without meaning to. I wanted to express some form of beauty, experimenting and learning, but only in my way. However, I had no tangible goal, nor any ambition; it was, I believe, kind of fun, selfish, and lonely. It was an ‘inner calling’ that I had to follow…

This is the same sensation I had when I picked up a guitar a few years before, and gradually moved to play 6 hours a day as a composer.

I tend to benefit from nature, especially the tendency to capture melancholy atmospheres – ones that are wildly romantic. This kind of sadness is only beautiful when it is tinged with hope. In my photographs, natural light has a very important role; this light is the hope. Photography is the quest for light, and I think this quest is the same for life in general.

Inspiration must remain the primary thing…this beauty allows for the elevation of mind, and gives you the ability to reach the ethereal spheres.

To see more of Alexandre’s incredible work, you can view his collection on his portfolio site, follow him on Facebook, and join him on Google+. Alexandre also has a celebrity-status following on deviantART under the pseudonym Autumn Ethereal.

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deshaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes

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  1. vincent

    There is only one word to describe this….BREATHTAKING!

  2. pal

    WOOOOOOOOw NO WORDS juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust GREAT keep ON.

  3. Stephane Bon

    Wonderful movie with great pictures and a very nice music!

  4. Hong Chen

    Tears coming down when I watching how people is moving excite ding in breathtaking wonder and I realized why God created human being! We are the one the little spirit running in this world to witness God’s wonderful creation, to praise Lord, to enjoy His wonderful work, to reflect his spirit in beauty of every moment of the earth, to response his calling ….

    Thank you God for all

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