The Timeless Waters – Photography by Vassilis Tangoulis

The incredible minimalist work of Vassilis Tangoulis is easily recognizable as being the work of a true artist. His outstanding talent of blending long exposures with an intense tonal range makes for a visual journey that engages the imagination. The ability to instantly transport his audience from their reality is quite a feat for a photographer, and Vassilis executes it perfectly with his outstanding portfolio.

Two shipping vessels side by side, with their dock lines intertwined - long exposure, black and white.

To see more of Vassilis’s inspiring work, you can follow him on 500px and Flickr, and also add him on Facebook and Twitter.

Sunken pier extends out towards the horizon - black and white, long exposure.

Floating construction crane, long exposure in black and white.

Boats in the harbor rock back and forth with the tide - black and white long exposure by Vassilis Tangoulis

Row boat moving with the tide, next to a stark-looking pier; long exposure in black and white

Large suspension bridge covered with mist and fog; long exposure in black and white.

Storm clouds moving quickly across the sky. A rowboat sits alone in the waters below. Long exposure, black and white.

Figures dance in the forest of a dream-like image; black and white, square format.

Train tracks disappear into the foggy waters; long exposure in black and white.

Lone swan gently floats in a lake, silent and still. Black and white.

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