The Visionary Landscape – Photography by Guy Tal

Award-winning photographer and brilliant educator Guy Tal is well-known among the landscape photography world. His landscapes are instantly recognizable, and it’s easy to see why – Guy’s blend of color, composition, and perspective combined with his technical knowledge with the camera make him a true master in his field.

The mountain shadow with green fields in the foreground.

In addition to his outstanding work, his role as an acclaimed photography teacher is one that many have benefited from. Guy has a rare talent for putting photography into perspective, giving you a fresh set of eyes that heightens your creative awareness to the natural beauty which surrounds you. When I read his one of his eBooks, Creative Landscape Photography, I was astounded by how poignant and introspective it was. Photographers of any level can apply his thoughts and teachings to their own work, and continue to evolve.

Whether you attend one of his invaluable workshops, or read his collection of photography eBooks, you will most definitely walk away with a new perspective and a drive to push your creative limits.

Birch trees in autumn.

Guy describes his work below:

“It’s a strange business I’m in; one often misunderstood. There’s no real word for what I do and maybe it’s time to put a name to it. My job is to be inspired. I make my living conveying the inspiration I find to others, in various ways. I photograph, I write, I teach, I interact. What does that make me? My photography is not about photographs; my writing is not about words; my teaching is not about facts; and my interactions are not about being social. There’s a higher purpose – the experience. Am I an experiencer?

"The Great Salt Poodle" by Guy Tal

I’ve been called a nature photographer, a landscape photographer, an author, an artist. In my mind, none of them truly describes what I do. I know nature photographers; I know travel photographers and adventure photographers and landscape photographers; I know writers and authors. What they do is not what I do.

"Monet's Valley" by Guy Tal; autumn foliage inside a valley

I don’t make things for a living. I live for a living. I am myself for a living. I seek beauty for a living. I think and contemplate for a living. I experience for a living. Seems so easy and obvious to me, and yet there is no term for it. In our society, it seems, you have to be defined by your job title. When meeting new people I can usually count on “what do you do?” being one of their first questions as they form their perception of me. To date I believe I never repeated the same answer, nor do I feel I have given one that was readily understood. I do what I once thought was impossible and, I suspect, in most people’s minds still is.

Frozen Fall Leaves by Guy Tal; a colorful collection of autumn leaves frozen in ice

When I try to explain, I am almost always met with skepticism. Can you make a living doing that? Well, yes. You won’t see me featured in Fortune or Forbes any time soon but when I add up my monetary income to the intangible joys of a free and inspired life, I consider myself richer than most of those who are. Livelihood may be measured in dollars and cents. Life is measured in degrees of freedom. Living is measured in meaningful experiences. Yes, I make a very good living.”

"Earth, Wind, and Fire" buy Guy Tal; a colorful sky under rocky terrain.

To see more of Guy’s masterful work, you can visit his portfolio site here, where you can also find out more information about his workshops, eBooks, and private instruction. He’s also active on several social networks, including Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

"Winter Island" by Guy Tal - blue hour image of snow and sand.

"Centerpoint" by landscape photographer Guy Tal; a stone centered among the cracked sand

"Ethereal Evening" by landscape photographer Guy Tal; blue hour image of snow and mountains

"Coyote Valentine" by landscape photographer Guy Tal; blue hour image of coyote tracks in the snow

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pradip kumar paswan

TOO much good photography.I can’t imagine such type of photography.But i think how a photographer can earn money for living life.I am a struggler photographer i have need some income,means i want to work near a senior photographer by it my problem will be quite solve for some times and i can learn photography by this way.

Bernie Zajac

Thanks for showcasing Guy’s work – I’d only heard Guy’s name in the past and had not actually seen his work. Fantastic photographic style — almost minimalist , yet very powerful. Inspiring!

Recommend people check out Guy’s site too!

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