The World in Tones – Photography by Patrick Hübschmann

German photographer Patrick Hübschmann has built a reputation for creating strong, soulful images that explore the deeper emotion behind a scene. When I came across his work, it instantly jumped out at me as being a source of great inspiration. His unique creativity is found in every image, with each one being a visual journey filled with emotion and heightened with drama. Using both analog and digital, Patrick has built a beautiful portfolio throughout his career, and I am thrilled to share a small sample of his work.

Winding path leading deep into the German forest, lined by barren trees.

Patrick describes his work below:

“I live in the northern Black Forest in Germany, working as Web-Developer, Designer and Photographer. My main focus is Landscape- and Nature-Photography but I also work for bands, publishers and companies as well.

Deserted road leading to a mountain vista submerged in deep fog

I started taking Photographs in the late eighties with an old Zeiss-Ikonta 6×6, learned developing images in the darkroom and worked only in Black and White for years. Since 2005 I work more and more digital, but still love and keep a special place for analog Cameras and Black and White Photography.

Man covered by hooded jacket, walking with face down along a deserted road.

I love being out in Nature with the Camera as often as possible, try to find my own point of view and to bring in my personal feeling in the moment of taking the image. Along with photography music is another big source of inspiration to me.”

Intricate spider web woven into a barren tree branch.

You can view more of Patrick’s beautiful work on his portfolio site, or you can keep updated about his photography on his photoblog. You can also add Patrick on Facebook and Google+, and Flickr as well. 

Frost on a lone tree along a river bank.

Caravan parked along the water with its reflection, black and white.

Light breaking through a dense forest, lighting the path ahead.

A very old tree trunk with incredible detail.

A man walks through a dirt landscape with a path etched out by traffic.

A lone tree grows in the water, shown in dense fog.

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WoW!What a lovely photos.

Evelyn Quinones

wow! awesome photos, love the tones in Black & white, brings out drama, emotion and different modes swings.

Full Name...

wow! beautiful photos! Black & white……

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