Think Tank Photo Camera Backpack Giveaway (Winner Announced)

Giveaway is over. Look for more soon.

Since out last rotation360º camera backpack giveaway received a great response, Think Tank Photo has decided to send us another one to give away to another one of our readers. Think Tank Photo is a quality photography gear company always looking for innovative ways for photographers to organize their gear more efficiently, carry it more comfortably, and travel easier so that more time is dedicated to taking pictures.

Rotation 360 Backpack

About the backpack:

“This amazing new backpack lets you access the gear inside of the backpack without taking if off of your back. This allows you the comfort of a backpack with the convenience and accessibility of a beltpack.

The rotation360º exponentially increases your ability to access your gear as quickly as possible, with the least amount of effort to change lenses and access accessories. Then, just as easily, you can rotate the belt back back into the backpack and out of the way.”

See more specifications and features about this backpack on Think Tank Photo’s website.

How to win this bag:

This is the easy part. Follow @photoblggr and @thinkTANKphoto on Twitter and then re-tweet this post. That’s it.

All followers who have re-tweeted this post will be entered to win the rotation360º camera backpack. You can re-tweet as many times as you would like but only one entry is counted. 🙂

This giveaway is open to anybody in the world. will be used to select one winner.

Ends April 23, 2010 at 10 PM PDT.

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