Time-Traveling Photography – Retro Portraits by Cheyne Gallarde

Cheyne Gallarde is the photographer behind the Hawaiian business Firebird Photography. Located in Honolulu, Cheyne and his assistants specialize in creating retro and vintage-style photos, especially from mid-20th century. They base their work on ads and icons, but are also inspired by films, fashion, and even literature. “My work combines the Americana spirit of Norman Rockwell with the creative quirkiness of Michel Gondry,” Cheyne says. One of his main series, ‘Pleasantville‘, focuses on recreating the atmosphere of Rockwell paintings, only in bright technicolor. Other fun series include ‘Paperback Portraits,’ which brings famous literary characters to life, and ‘The Big Burn,’ which was inspired by the movie Gangster Squad and the graphic novel Sin City.

To see more of Cheyne’s ‘time-traveling’ photography, visit his website or facebook page.


model: Evie | hair/makeup: beauty by mish


models: blake + eric | hair and makeup: sarah la glam

Firebird Photography

models: Hetzl + Ilya | hair/makeup: sarah la glam

Firebird Photography

models: julie chu + peter d | hair/makeup: sarah la glam


model: Shane McDonough


model: Johnny Summers


model: Cerise Marchan | hair/makeup: beauty by mish


Model: Brooklyn Clayton


Adventures of Tintin


The Picture of Dorian Gray

gangster 1920s

The Big Burn

1920s gangster

The Big Burn

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  1. ace

    really like these! nice one

  2. Gareth O'Neill Photography

    Wow, these are really nice. Gives me some great inspiration.

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