Tones of the Earth – Black and White Photography by Hakan Strand

Award-winning Swedish artist Håkan Strand has made a powerful impression on the world of fine art photography with his outstanding long exposures. His keen eye for high-contrast and minimal compositions is apparent, and his brilliant use of slow shutters with stationary subjects make for a visual show of light and shadow.

Uniqu rock shapes by the water in Norway

When he presented his solo exhibition in Oklahoma City, Kansas, he was interviewed about his work and had the following to share about his creative process:

“I used to work as an anesthetist in a trauma center. Very stressful environment, I mean, 100 percent, the whole day. So in the beginning, I actually took the camera with me to go out and have some peace and quiet. But I liked it so much, I was thinking one day, ‘This is what I really want to do. And I’ve been working hard for many, many years.’ And now my dream came true, and I have never looked back, not a single day.”

Single tree against a snow covered landscape.

“When you work like this, I mean, it has to take time. You have to work slowly. You can’t do anything fast, that’s going to ruin the result. And I like the slow way of working. It’s wonderful.” [source]

The snow-covered East River of Midgard in Norway.

You can view more of Håkan’s outstanding work by visiting his portfolio site. You can also join his Facebook page for his latest work and news.

Black mountains of the Faroe Islands, black and white landscape photography by Hakan Strand

The Waters of Vigridr in Norway by Hakan Strand

Snow covered pier over water, black and white photography by Hakan Strand

Longues-sur-Mer, Normandie, France

The Finger - black and white image from Iceland by Hakan Strand

Grímur Kamban's Fjørdur from the Faroe Islands

A row of bare trees in the snow, black and white photography by Hakan Strand

White house by the sea, black and white image by Hakan Strand

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Brian C Idocks

Absolutely gorgeous black and white imagery. I’ve always been a huge fan of B&W.


I really enjoyed this, I’ve worked with black and white photography for a while and I find this very inspirational. Long exposure and high contracts is brilliantine.

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