Travel Photography from Around the World by Tracy Zhang

Tracy Zhang is a Canadian travel and lifestyle photographer, currently based in San Francisco. She first picked up a camera when she needed Art credit in high school. “Since then, somehow everything I did with photography I sort of fell into,” she says. “It began when a talent scout saw my images and asked me to photograph headshots for her acting agency.” Tracy’s passion for traveling came later in college, when she had the opportunity to study in Europe and caught the travel bug. So after a brief stint in fashion and portrait photography, she decided to focus on travel photography, a decision which has taken her all over the globe.

To see more of Tracy’s work, visit her blog Just-In-Time, or check out our post on her visit to a matriarchal tribe in China.

Tracy Zhang Bali Sunset


Tracy Zhang Banff Canada

Banff, Canada

Tracy Zhang Cave Swimming Cuba


Tracy Zhang Glacier Norway


Tracy Zhang Havana Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Tracy Zhang Hungary Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Tracy Zhang Musuo China

Musuo, China

Tracy Zhang Nanjing China

Nanjing, China

Tracy Zhang Nice France

Nice, France

Tracy Zhang Norway Forest


Tracy Zhang Porto Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Tracy Zhang Sunset Athens Greece

Athens, Greece

Tracy Zhang Venice Italy

Venice, Italy

Tracy Zhang Whistler Canada

Whistler, Canada

Tracy Zhang ZhangJiaJie China

Zhangjiajie, China

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