Using MathMap to Post-Process Images

Mathmap is a plugin for Gimp a free image-editing software. With MathMap you can change an image in any way you want defining a formula to run over the photo. There are several pre-defined formulas to be used. Formulas can be chained into a pipeline to define a series of transformations to be done over the photo. From different projections to changes in colors and deformations MathMap offers plenty of fun for those photos that need an extreme makeover. In this article we’ll see some of the default filters.

I’ll be using this panorama for the examples. Once you have Gimp and Mathmap installed open an image in Gimp and go to filters->generic->MathMap. In my Windows 7 installation it worked without any complications. For other Operating Systems please check the notes at the Gimp and MathMap websites.

You can download Gimp from

You can download MathMap from
First filter: Blur/spin-zoom

Filter: Color/Lomoize

Filter: Distorts/Miniplanet (I bet you’ve seen this before!)

Filter: Distorts/Twirl

Filter: Distort/Wave

There are many other filters to be used, the possibilities are endless so you can try the different filters and settings at home. In my case I found Twirl, Wave and Spin-Zoom really interesting to give some images a punch. Make sure to play with the parameters of each filter, don’t use just the defaults.

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