Vanessa Dualib Photography – Playing With Food

Here’s a photographer who loves playing with her food.

Vanessa Dualib not only takes some great photos, but she also has an extremely creative (and humorous) mind when it comes to putting together a picture of food.

This isn’t your standard fruit in a bowl stuff.

Check out her Flickr stream and website for more great images. Vanessa is also the creator of the highly entertaining story of the survival of an egg in the Thє Єggvєnturєs of Єggbєrt!

How would you like your sugar?

How would you like your sugar?

My 'Happy Meal' Version...

My ‘Happy Meal’ Version…

Suicide OREO!

Suicide OREO!

Pac-Man (Camembert Style!)

Pac-Man (Camembert Style!)

Finally! An honest Fortune Cookie...

Finally! An honest Fortune Cookie…

Carrol is Gone...

Carrol is Gone…

Turtle Bread

Turtle Bread

"Moooooom... the ingredients are smiling at me... AGAIN!"

“Moooooom… the ingredients are smiling at me… AGAIN!”

Radish Mice

Radish Mice

A Bug's Life...

A Bug’s Life…

The Mysterious Case of Pepe, the Pepper.

The Mysterious Case of Pepe, the Pepper.

Eggbert: Survival Instinct...

Eggbert: Survival Instinct…

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  1. Jorgelina

    They look great!!! I also highly recommend Terry Border and his “Bent Objects”

  2. Lucy Sloan

    I’d recommend Terrys work too! The only difference is that Terry is more into a a darker type of humor, while Vanessa humor and pics are extremely light hearted and innocent.

    I kinda prefer her work. :)

  3. thatbaby

    I loveeeeeeeeeeed that! Very nice (: the picture that I liked most is the sugar .. ;*

  4. Madhulika Rawal

    They are all beautiful! Especially the bread turtle!

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