Water / Woods – Black and White Photography by Nicholas Bell

Nicholas Bell is a fine art photographer from Knoxville, Tennessee, who specializes in monochromatic photography. The majority of his images are of nature and, in particular, scenes near water or woodlands. He’s inspired by the concept of time, passing and slowing down. “Photography for me has to do with time and my perception of time,” he says. “The first day that I spent with a camera I recognized that being completely focused and connected to a scene seemed to slow time.” In his work, he tries to communicate that idea of individual moments, stopped in time and purified from all distractions.

To see more of Nicholas’s photography, visit his website or etsy shop.

bird black and white

Birds in Grey Flannel

The Abyss Fisher black and white

The Abyss Fisher

Appalachian Trail black and white

Appalachian Trail

Smoky Mountain Vista black and white

Smoky Mountain Vista

The Journey pier black and white

The Journey

Silence bird black and white


Sparks Lane black and white

Sparks Lane

Winter Park black and white

Winter Park

black and white twig


Whitetail Silhouettes deer

Whitetail Silhouettes

November Frost

November Frost

Winter Port

Winter Port

Reticent Shore black and white

Reticent Shore

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