What Type of Camera Holder Are You?

camera holder

Not everyone holds the camera the same way. Do you fall into one of these categories?

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  1. Polichronis Moutevelidis

    Sure, i´m the tourist :) i never go without the camera. But during the shoot, i´m the hipster :))

    nice blog !!

  2. Tanner

    Haha, I guess I’m “The Risk Taker”… I generally walk the streets with no strap, one-handed; except when I take the shot, I look like the “Peek-a-boo”…

    Good post!

  3. 1/125

    Really nice.. lately I’ve been a risk taker :)

  4. Chris

    A def safe shooter. I would guess 90% of mine are on a tripod.

  5. Madeleine Brylski

    I have to admit, sometimes I take my camera on a thrill ride. I mostly shoot like the Capison, partly because I have a point and shoot…. And sometimes the Rock Concert, because I take lots of flower pictures.

  6. robyn

    So fun! Thanks for sharing.

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