White Sea, Black Land – Landscape Photography by Gerald Berghammer

Gerald Berghammer was born and raised in Upper Austria and currently lives in Vienna, but his landscape photography is by no means limited to Austrian alps and farmland. In fact, his interest in photography originally began while he was traveling overseas, when he wanted to capture what he was seeing and experiencing. Now, his enthusiasm for photography has led him to get a professional photographer’s certificate and turn his hobby into a career. He spends almost every free moment outside with his camera in nature, whether in Scotland, Iceland or at home in Austria. “Photography has become a craft, and a philosophy of life to me,” he says.

To see more of Gerald’s photography, visit his website or etsy shop.

Lighthouse List Ost Germany

Lighthouse List Ost

Drowned Island Scotland

Drowned Island

Great Rock Study

Great Rock Study

X - Factor seascape

X – Factor

Black Rocks iceland

Black Rocks 1

Runaway Train Scotland

Runaway Train

Rock Fishing Portugal

Rock Fishing

iceberg iceland

Iceberg, Black & White

Duncansby Stacks Scotland

Duncansby Stacks

Stone Bridge scotland

Stone Bridge

Asparagus Time germany

Asparagus Time

Behind the Fence Germany

Behind the Fence

Illumination Austria


Free Space venice

Free Space

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10 Comments on "White Sea, Black Land – Landscape Photography by Gerald Berghammer"

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Mike Jones

Great article and fantastic work!!!

haryadi be

Amazing works. . .inspiring!

Foto Marg

These photos are similar to the great photos of Michael Kenna so I find them very pleasing. They are atmospheric.


WOW…Amazing Work!!!!

sue d

wonderful photographer, thanks for sharing…would it be possible for you to allow us to share on FB (with a photo group)? at present we can only “like”?

Nate Kay

You can share the post via our photo page or contact Gerald via his website if you’d like permission for anything else.

Mary Lorenzo

Gorgeous and striking! How did you achieve the ethereal look?

Bruno Santos

Here’s the good example how to break the rules and get amazing results! Most of the pics don’t follow the rule of thirds but actually they work even better that way!

Amazing job! Congrats!

Gerald Berghammer

Thanks for the nice comments!
Regards from Austria 😉


Gorgeous Work!!!
“like” “like” “like” 🙂

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