White Space – Mixed Media Pictures by Debbie Andrews

Debbie Andrews is a photographer and mixed media artist from Michigan. Her process of creating pictures starts with photographing ‘anything and everything’. Then, using those photos, she builds up a collage with layers of texture, patterns and colors, often combining the photos with other art forms, like drawing and painting. Rather than overcrowding the picture, however, she keeps her images pure and simple. She uses white space and neutral colors to highlight her subjects, as well as make them seem like beautiful pieces of a different world.

To see more of Debbie’s pictures, visit her etsy shop.

white space cat


white space horses

Pair Of Hearts

sledding snow white space

Snow Tired

ice skating white space

Suit Up

Australian shepard white space

The Scout

white space field

Home Before Dark

white space rabbit


white space face

I See Your Face

white space squirrel

Sky Art

white space tree


girl white space portrait

Page One

white space wedding veil

Song 2

white space horse

Ever After

flower white space


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Debbie Andrews

What a pleasant surprise and a beautiful blog! Thank you for the feature!

Rameeza Khan


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