21 Pictures of Windmills of the Past and Present

Windmills, old and new, both have the same purpose. To provide power or work with the use of a natural phenomenon, wind. It’s an amazingly simple concept that people have been using forever. In the past it was one of the only sources of power and in the present it’s being used to prevent it from being one of the only sources of power. Here are 21 inspiring pictures of windmills of both the past and present.

The Mill

The Mill



The windmills of Don Quichote

The Windmills of Don Quichote



Two Windmills

Two Windmills

The two of us

The two of us

red tulips

Red Tulips by hisa fujimoto

Old and New Together

Old and New Together by Ferdi

Farewell Holland

Farewell Holland by Trey Ratcliff


Windmill by Kathy McEldowney

Textured Windmill

Textured Windmill by Catherine


Astra museum by Camil Tulcan


windmill by Marc Barker


Windmills by Scott Butner

The Windmill

The Windmill by Séb


Autumn by Garry

windmill in a storm

windmill in a storm by epiphannyy

netherlands windmill

netherlands windmill by farhad

Windmill sunset

Windmill sunset by kev


windmill by EmilyDawn2


end of an era by johnny klemme

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  1. Fsamadali

    What kind of camera are you using your photos are very beautiful

  2. ellen kesten

    thank you for the beautiful photos, especially like the one with green sky

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