37 Incredible Pictures of Windows

Taking a picture of the side of a building may not be the most exciting thing in the world to photograph. Well, insert some windows and symmetry into the picture and you’ve just added two ingredients to make something very tasty. Here are 37 neat window photos.

1. The Matrix

The Matrix

2. koyaanisqatsi patchwork

koyaanisqatsi patchwork

3. 45 Fremont

45 Fremont

4. wall of banks

wall of banks

5. Three Colors

Three colors

6. Empire State Building

Empire State Building

7. Ontario Hydro Building

Ontario Hydro Building

8. Alliance Atlantis Toronto Variation

Alliance Atlantis Toronto Variation

9. Canwest Tower Toronto

Canwest Tower Toronto

10. Royal Bank Blue

Royal Bank Blue

11. Graphical Symmetry

Graphical Symmetry

12. BCE Toronto

BCE Toronto

13. Vancouver Reflection

Vancouver Reflection

14. Red Windows

Red Windows

15. Madrid


16. Zurich Augustinergasse

Zurich Augustinergasse

17. Double glazing doubles the colours

Double glazing doubles the colours

18. And My Love Is Bigger Than A Cadillac

And My Love Is Bigger Than A Cadillac

19. meanwhile, a scheme is being hatched

meanwhile, a scheme is being hatched

20. One house for everyone

One house for everyone

21. New Astoria

New Astoria

22. Window


23. mixte windows

mixte windows

24. Coloured Perspective

Coloured Perspective

25. hic manebimus optime

Hic manebimus optime

26. Rural Abandon

Rural Abandon

27. Lisboa


28. LXIII Windows

LXIII Windows

29. Windows on Istanbul

Windows on Istanbul

30. Windows


31. 3+2=5


32. Under construction

Under construction

33. Window Clouds

window clouds

34. Windows V

windows V

35. Windows


36. façade


37. Windows


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Michelle Wheat

Wow. This is so wonderful.


its vry interesting..the 18th pic And My Love Is Bigger Than A Cadillac will look more appealing in black & white pic..nice architectural photography..


woooww…..I must say truely amazing pictures!
keep it up!

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