17 Classic Wooden Outhouse Photos

Being that I enjoy camping in places where there is no running water or electricity, I see a fair amount of wooden outhouses every year. They aren’t always the most well maintained and I’ve always debated whether using them is actually better than just going out into the middle of the forest with some leaves.

Here are 17 classic wooden outhouse photos.

The Outhouses of Bodie

The Outhouses of Bodie by Jim

Room with a view

Room with a view by Chad Johnson

all the conveniences of home when viewing wildflowers

all the conveniences of home when viewing wildflowers by Jack

The Outhouse Tree

The Outhouse Tree by Dan Bergstrom

Claunch Reading Room

Claunch Reading Room by Ushlambad


Outhouse by moominsean

Outhouse of Doom

Outhouse of Doom by Eric Hart


outhouse by Shawn Ford


Outhouse by John Whittle

mossy outhouse roof

mossy outhouse roof by Mc Morr

Salem's Corners outhouse

Salem’s Corners outhouse by Oliver Hammond


Outhouse by sunsurfr

gotta go?

gotta go? by Ryan Gallagher

An Outhouse

An Outhouse by Matt Zaske


loo by David Cohen

Our Outhouse

Our Outhouse by gary

Communal Outhouse

Communal Outhouse by Arno Gourdol

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beautiful outhouses… i like the way photographer shot it…

Barb Dyko

Thought I had seen some “interesting” outhouses but some of these take the “cake”. LOL

kathy alexander

the pictures are all great. I am doing my one bathroom in outhouse pictures so if any one is willing to sell me 5 prints please let me know thank Kathy I would like one 8×10 four 5×7

Richard Smith

My outhouse has been in use since Jan. 2013, my stainless steel
grille works very well in there. Looks like a real outhouse complete with a half moon on the door. When I was growing up, that’s all we had on the farm for seventeen years.

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