Work Smarter With Lightroom Using Pretty Presets

Adobe Lightroom has become a standard among a lot of photographers for organizing and processing their photos. One of the neat features of Lightroom is the ability to create presets which save time and give the ability to keep your processing consistent throughout your photos.

pretty presets

There are many resources out there to find free and paid presets if you want to jumpstart your process without spending hours trying to figure out how to create perfect workflows. One of our favorites is Pretty Presets, a site that not only offers presets for Lightroom but also brushes, workshops, and tutorials. You can check out all of Pretty Presets’ resources as well as their cool blog on their website.


With almost 90 thousand fans on Facebook, a lot of people trust Pretty Presets and their products and have appreciated many of the free workshops they’ve offered in the past. They occasionally offer discounts on their presets on Photo Deal Cafe’.

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