14 Adorable Cat Photos

International Cat Day takes place on August 8 every year. It was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, to celebrate the most popular pet on the planet.

Cats are one of humanity’s oldest and most beloved pets. Owning a cat has been shown to improve mental health and to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. No wonder there’s an estimated 500 million domesticated cats around the world. Enjoy the adorable cat photos and check out 18 adorable photos of newborn kittens here.

Cute kitty in the bathtub @sinopics

Resting @opurice

Baby cat inside blue bib overalls @Maica

Wet cat in the bath @ollegN

Summer time in the garden, cute kitty playing with white ball. @stock_colors

Two white kittens sleeping together @Moncherie

Cat drinking from a lake with a dramatic sunset. @ConstantinCornel

Garfield cats @NI QIN

Hide and seek @peeterv

Climbing to the top @MRBIG_PHOTOGRAPHY

Friend @lopurice

Cat lying on bench in backlight at sunset @fbxx

Young Cat was taken bath

Best friends @bluecinema

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I love the Cat in the shoe. It couldn’t be more adorable. These images always give me the social media security that I need. There will never be enough cat photos on my twitter feed. Will be sharing this one as well.

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